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Forget what you know about agencies. We really do do things differently.

That’s why 90% of our clients come to us on recommendation.

We give you access to a personalised dashboard showing you exactly what you want to see, updated daily.
Unlike our competitors, we don’t attempt a bit of everything. We specialise, so we (and you) stay ahead of the curve.
We’re fully certified, with years of experience running campaigns across multiple channels and locations globally.
kandidly services
  • paid search advertising
    Paid Search Advertising
    For driving sales, leads and everything in between

    We run campaigns that deliver measurable results. We achieve high performance through a combination of meticulous campaign build process and data driven analysis. Our proven method allows us to extract the best ROI for our clients. Click or tap anywhere on this screen to find out more.

  • display advertising
    Display Advertising
    For brand awareness, recall and a bit of online swag

    Our approach to display advertising is simple; engage the right person with the right message at the right time, every time. We do this by using sophisticated targeting tools and creative ads that resonate with our clients’ target audience in-the-moment. Click or tap anywhere on this screen to find out more.

  • paid social advertising
    Paid Social Advertising
    For brands that want to connect, educate, inspire and entertain

    We all have something to say but who’s listening? As it turns out, only 5% of your Facebook followers actually see what you post. So how do you reach all of your current followers and find new ones? We can help your brand connect with its target audience using ad creative that inspire, educate, inform and entertain. Click or tap anywhere on this screen to find out more.

  • web analytics
    Web Analytics
    For brands that want to make their advertising spend go even further

    We are almost certain that 98% of your website visitors are currently leaving without converting. Your advertising spend can have a far better impact if your website is working as well as it should. We can help you understand your on-site user behaviour and get the most bang for your (advertising) buck. Click or tap anywhere on this screen to find out more.

It’s our business
to grow your business

We’ll be the first to tell you that your choice of digital marketing agencies is virtually infinite. But if you want to partner with an agency that will always put your business first, you’ve come to the right people.

Our proposition is simple: we provide our clients with unparalleled expertise and service with no hidden charges, sneaky up-sells or lengthy contract tie-ins. If we sound like the right fit for you then give us a call or drop us an email. We’d love to hear from you.

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We are
fully certified

We don’t just say we’re experts. We continuously invest in training and formal qualifications from the industry names that matter. Our team is fully certified and well-versed in recognised best practises – see our footer to find out more.

Our clients say

In the words of the brands we work with...

ImageImageImageImage2TM Education SloveniaImageImageKamal DuttImageImage
I have been really impressed with the breadth of knowledge and expertise shown by Kandidly, they have transformed my advertising campaigns within 3 months. Above all else, I am really impressed with the professionalism and openness with which Kandidly operates.
John Denham
Vantage Point Group
Kandidly was recommended very highly to us by an extremely successful e-comm expert - we are so pleased we had the introduction. In the 4 months the team at Kandidly have been working with us, our sales are now +25% LY in the UK. Highly, highly recommend Kandidly.
Anna McDonald
Tiba + Marl
I have worked with many digital agencies over the years and have found the team at Kandidly a breath of fresh air. Their understanding of such a fast-changing industry and their ability to adapt their way of working to the businesses requirements has filled me with a huge amount of confidence.
Steve Willicott
Willicott Consulting
In my role as CMO, I have had the pleasure of working with Raman in varied marketing environments over the past 6 years and am always impressed with his ability to get things done, in the most effective and successful way.
Kimberly MacAulay
Fresh Tracks Canada
I guess there are a lot of digital marketing specialists out there, but what does stand out with Kandidly is the customer service. I would definitely recommend Kandidly to anyone who’s looking to promote their business online.
Michael Polyakov
2TM Education In Slovenia
I’ve been working with Kandidly for several months and they’ve been brilliant. We’ve seen some amazing results from our PPC campaign in a short space of time and they’ve really worked hard to make our budget stretch as far as possible. Would definitely recommend them!
Mel Crate
We’ve been working with Kandidly for the last couple of months, and have seen results immediately. Kandidly has extensive insight into online advertising, which has helped shape and improve our digital strategy. You can expect an easy relationship, great communication, a strategy and campaigns tailored to your needs.
Colin Pyle
CRU Kafe
I have worked with Kandidly for a few months and I highly recommend them. They have a very good understanding of the digital marketing space and are result oriented. I have already started seeing good results. They continuously monitor data and make adjustments.
Kamal Dutt
Ultimate Menswear
We've been working with Kandidly for about 6 months now and have been really impressed with them so far. They are always quick to respond in an honest and practical way to any query we have and are always happy to share their expertise and knowledge.
Josh Mitchell
Pet Food UK Ltd
We have been working with Kandidly for a couple of months now, and I have really enjoyed this collaboration. The team is very responsive to any requests we may have, and are a pleasure to work with.
Maddy Tomalin-Reeves
Cheesies Ltd