Google Analytics Tracking Audit
website audit

Good analysis starts with good data. If you have concerns about whether you are tracking your web properties correctly then we can carry out a tracking audit to ensure that data collection is accurate.

Our tracking audit consists of comprehensive testing of your website where we check every single page for coding errors. If you are running multiple domains or sub-domains then we ensure that users visiting your multiple web properties are correctly tracked. As part of the audit, we would also ensure that your Google Analytics account is taking advantage of all the different reports and functionality available so that you get the most out of your data.

User Experience Optimisation
Is your site UX optimised?
Could your users be experiencing this right now...

You have spent time, money and resources on getting your website developed but you know that it’s not performing optimally. You could be leaking potential revenue by offering a poor user experience (UX). Conversion rate optimisation puts your business first, user experience, on the other hand, is all about your potential customers and why they choose to leave or stay on your website.

Using sophisticated tools and data analysis techniques, we can monitor user behaviour and understand how they navigate, interact and convert on your website. This deep behavioural understanding allows us to make recommendations on the visual and functional aspects of your website. UX optimisation is an ongoing process, but we can set you on the right path and put tools and processes in place to help you ensure that your website is performing optimally.