Brand Awareness
brand awareness

Display advertising is a powerful medium to get your brand in front of millions of people. Your ads can be displayed on the most relevant websites for your business, for example, a car dealership can target people browsing car review websites or you can target people based on their browsing behaviour or interests, for example, a bridal store can target women based on the types of websites they have been visiting such wedding photography, wedding cakes etc.

The ads can be displayed on several mediums such as websites, mobile sites, mobile apps, YouTube, Gmail, and more, therefore, allowing for tremendous reach.

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Most websites convert at 2-3%, this means that 97% of your website visitors are currently leaving your website without converting resulting in wasted advertising spend. Remarketing or retargeting is one of the best ways to entice these customers to come back to your website. Ecommerce businesses can showcase multiple products that user looked at on your website making your ad highly specific to the user

A well thought-out strategy would not only aide brand recall but can also provide users with incentive to return to your website and make a purchase but the incentive has to be carefully optimised so that you are not giving too much away too quickly. .

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remarketing or retargeting
lead generation

As a service business, you have a story to tell but how do you reach your target audience with content that is eye catching and memorable. There is no better way to tell a story than a video and we can help deliver your brand story through immersive and non-intrusive ads on YouTube and Google Display Network.

We can also retarget people that show a high level of engagement with our ads and entice them to come back to website to learn more and make an enquiry.

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